Zuri Training… so far so good

As the year was about to start, I realized that I had to make drastic changes if this year were to take a different direction than the years prior. One of those changes was taking this “becoming a developer” thing seriously. For this to happen, what do I need? I need to get really good at building things on the web and I need to get a job. Now, How can I go about getting a job? I knew that getting a job in tech in Nigeria or anywhere in the world requires that you make use of your connections. Do I have those connections? NO! How do I get these connections? By being in the same room or at least space(physical or remotely) with people making things happen in and around tech. Naturally, my thought went straight to the HNG internship, having witnessed the testimonies from the finalists in the 2020 edition.

In comes the Zuri Training, I was elated when I saw the tweet that the registration for the training was out. I did think about starting again from scratch even though I have been dabbling in web development for months now, but the appeal of being around people who are already where I want to be and being taught by them was too much of a pull… so I signed up.

The program so far

Thanks to being part of the early stages of the HNGi7, It was easy to settle in when the Slack workspace was opened. From experience, I know that as a beginner the thought of being stuck in the same virtual environment with over 19,000 other people and trying to figure out how things work can be very daunting, so, I tried to help others settle in too.

When the orientation classes started, it was clear that many people entering the program were fresh off the bat, new to everything tech. Witnessing how confusing it all can be at the start made me appreciate how far I have come and the journey ahead. I was glad I attended all the classes, I was able to use them as a form of a window into the broader world of knowledge of the Mentors and to see what could be gained.

Since classes started I have come to a couple of realizations and they are as follows;

1. There’s never going to be a point where you will feel like you know enough when you are a developer, especially when you are looking for your first job.

2. There’s always something to learn, to add to your knowledge, and the best way to implement and give power to your knowledge is to build, a lot.

3. Your growth as a developer is not about how long you have been a developer, but what you build in that time. The lesson?… build, build, build and build.

4. Everyone is a learner. Humble yourself, that’s the path to growth and the mastery of any skill.

5. Moving forward; growth means doing hard things.

A couple of parting thoughts then…

1. I am going to finish this program better than I am right now.

2. I am going to be working with a lot of smart people on this journey.

3. I will be a mentor, come the next edition of this program.

4. The minds behind this training must have beautiful souls.

As a Dev, I build user interfaces on the web. As a thinker, I am trying to figure out myself.